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April 2017 - NOTE: Technology has changed immensely since most of these ATV pages were written and there is much better equipment to use now that has come about due to the recent interest in FPV R/C aircraft flying and these older pages are being left for those that may still have and want to use some of this older equipment.

October 2002

Original ATV page information, published when I started this site, has been condensed and archived HERE.

Technology has changed since I presented plans to homebrew a 70cm AM ATV repeater transmitter on my original ATV web pages. I still plan to build an ATV repeater, but with FM equipment now available that makes it easier and less expensive to transmit higher quality video on 1200 MHz. I have not completely given up on the AM transmitter project as it is an interesting challenge that could be used to supplement FM repeater output and generate ATV interest by making it easy and inexpensive for anyone with a cable ready TV to view ATV activity.

Update: June 2003
The homebrew transmitter project has been shelved as someone has offered the $$$ for an AM ATV Repeater.
See Northern Alberta Radio Club ATV Repeater Project.

AM ATV operation is made difficult by problems such as sync compression and other amplifier linearity issues, video noise in the audio, the need to filter strong sync sidebands to prevent interference to others and reception interference from commercial transmissions within the 6 MHz TV channel. Locally, these commercial signals are differential GPS signals from primary 70cm band users that we have no control over as secondary users.

FM ATV has many advantages. It is popular in Europe and other parts of the world, but less so in North America which may be due to the number of suppliers selling only AM equipment, limited surplus equipment for FM ATV use and because FM equipment is more difficult to homebrew for most amateurs. But, inexpensive equipment is now available and FM ATV is quickly becoming more popular. The new equipment has emerged from the Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) market for which the FM transmitter modules and tuners were originally designed.

The opportunity to gain first hand FM ATV experience came when Barry, VA6DX, purchased equipment for me to build him a Remote Controlled ATV Station. Unlike AM ATV, no test equipment or adjustments are required and one simply needs to connect and turn the equipment on for P5 video & noise free audio.

Check out the following pages for more ATV information and some of my ATV and Video projects.

NEW How to solve FPV HeadPlay Video Noise / Interference
when using a ClearView Receiver (or any other receiver powered
from the same battery used to power the HeadPlay Display

July 2017

Northern Alberta Radio Club ATV Repeater Project
June 2003

Path Testing
FM ATV Equipment

Platinum Modifications / Schematics / Technical Information
October 2003

Future Plans for New FM ATV
Receiver/Transmitter Boards

November 2003

Remote Controlled ATV Station
October 2002 - In Progress

A project to remotely control video cameras and an ATV transmitter for Barry (VA6DX) to monitor his acreage and wind powered beacon site, 25 miles (40 Km) from his home.
This is my first FM ATV project and first PIC microprocessor project that I must write the software for.

Camcorder Collection & Older Cameras
Sept 2003

1.2 GHz AM Wireless Camera
Sept 2004

1.2 GHz FM Wireless Camera
Nov 2005

2.4 GHz FM Wireless Camera
Apr 2006

Small CMOS & CCD Video Cameras
Under Construction
Feb 2007

Remote Controlled Camera #1 Modification for VA6DX
June 2002

Remote Controlled Camera #2 Modification for VA6DX
June 2002

Sandbox Camera
June 2002

Wireless Camera
Under Construction

ATV Technical Information Reference
including 13cm & 23cm Amateur Band Plans
Under Construction

ATV Links
Favorite ATV & Video Links are on my Amateur Radio Links Page

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