Path Testing

A number of path tests are planned to gain some experience using FM ATV on 13cm & 23cm and to learn the practical limits for P5 video transmission using various combinations of equipment and transmit power levels. Theoretical values can give one an idea of what to expect, but actual tests will provide more realistic information and take into account factors such as multi-path signals.
This is Barry's (VA6DX) truck set up for direction finding, and now, path testing. The mast support in the truck box allows quick and easy installation, removal and rotation of an antenna mast.
May 19, 2003
We performed our first path tests. I transmitted from 6 ft elevation at the HM repeater site (east of Edmonton) on 1200 MHz using an omni-directional antenna and on 2400 MHz using a grid antenna (like in photo). Barry ended up west of the city and we were amazed how little power and low antenna gain was required to achieve P5 video.