VA6DX Camera 1 Mods

This is an RCA CKC020 CCD 12 volt DC camera, one of several video cameras given to me by Barry, VA6DX, to modify for remote controlled use.

The electronic viewfinder was already removed before I remembered to take this "before" photo.

The first step (photos below), since no schematic was available and the seller did not bother to include the interface cable (that would have made determining the interface connector signals much easier) was to disassemble the camera and determine the interface connector signals.

These 3 photos show the replaced interface jack and new interface plug and cable. The original jack was replaced to provide additional required connections besides being a non-standard, impossible-to-find-a-matting-plug-for connector type.

This jack now provides, in addition to the standard camera power and video signals, zoom lens control connections.

c1-schematic.pdf - is a
schematic of modifications & remote control wiring.