Sand Box Cam

This Sony CCD-G5 camera is currently being used to monitor children playing in the sandbox, but it will ultimately be used as a tower camera.

Note that the electronic viewfinder has been removed.

The camera had a flat area beside the lens barrel which was perfect for installing a 224:1 gear head
6 volt motor for focusing the lens remotely.

Beside the camera's regular I.O. connector, there was lots of room to install an 8 pin mini-DIN jack for the additional connections required for remotely focusing and zooming the cameras lens.

Above: Modified Camera AC Power Supply.

Left: Power Supply with Camera Interconnect Cable.

The camera connects to the power supply 14 Pin Type K connector. A VCR would then normally connect to the power supply 10 Pin Type J Connector which is no longer used. A BNC jack was added to supply the video output signal to standard 75 ohm cable.

A 3 pin Molex plug was also added to the power supply for On/Off remote control of AC power.

A 12 conductor cable from the camera control panel connects to a 12 pin Molex connector. 8 conductors then connect to the camera by the mini-DIN jack and 2 conductors connect to the power supply by the 3 pin Molex connector.

sb-schematic.pdf - is a schematic of modifications, focus motor control driver and remote control wiring.